Effectively Remove Your Stretch marks

There are numerous ways of scarring up your skin, but did you know that stretch marks are scars as well? They are scars within the top layers of your skin, and nearly 80% of the women worldwide have stretch marks. All bets say that not one of you ladies would turn down a solution of how to effectively remove your stretch marks, but what is that solution? Stretch mark removal cream? Laser surgery? Dermabrasion? How about chemical peels?

First let’s get your feet firmly grounded in reality with a scientific fact: there is no stretch mark removal cream or medical procedures that can solidly get rid of a stretch mark off your body entirely. So be on the lookout for those companies advertising their product as a stretch mark removal cream or treatment. That said, a good stretch mark cream or medical procedure can do a lot to reduce the way your stretch marks appear, making some of them nearly invisible to the eye, so bits of the stretch marks can possibly be visually removed from sight to some degree.

Every one of you is very different and you react differently to treatments or prescriptions, and when it comes to managing the look of stretch marks, the same path may not be for everyone to take. Some women get stretch marks during a pregnancy, and afterwards they may fade to barely visible on their own, whereas other women look like they have a zombie abdomen, the discoloration is that bad.

Many believe that stretch marks are hereditary so if you have the option to investigate your family medical history on that end, do! It’s important because let’s say you want to get pregnant and know your mother and her mother both had horrendous stretch marks. You can start making sure you drink tons of water to keep your skin hydrated on the inside and moisturizing on outside. Many women begin using a stretch mark cream even before they get pregnant and swear that when they didn’t they had bad stretch marks, but when they did use a topical cream product from the get go, they barely had any, and the ones that did appear didn’t look as severe.

For some folks, topical stretch mark products may not work as well and they can try laser therapy, which is the most popular procedure used by plastic surgeon’s to keep stretch marks looking better. It’s more expensive and painful than a topical cream, but many people get good results.

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