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Top options for treating your keloids

Keloid scars can result from the over-the-top inflammation that may happen after any type of piercing, surgical incision, or other various skin punctures and traumas. An overgrowth of collagen and fibrous protein forms and even extends beyond the original wound site. The keloid is grossly discolored and can burn and itch causing much discomfort so anyone who gets them is likely to seek immediate professional care.

The top options for treating your keloids at the doctor’s office are surgery, steroid injection treatment, or topical silicone sheeting. Any candidates for surgical keloid treatment need to have realistic expectations as this type of keloid removal is invasive and involves another puncture to the skin, therefore it can set off another keloid occurrence. Hence the vicious circle when dealing with keloid scars.

Many surgeons swear it’s still the best keloid treatment and that they have their ways to prevent recurrence, but there is no failsafe guarantee. Most of keloid removal surgeries or the best keloid treatments can be done in the office with a local anesthetic in less than an hour’s time. Recovery usually entails the patient’s choice of retail drugstore painkillers and suture removal after about a week or so. Some doctors go the extra mile and begin a series of steroid injections after the surgery as a preventative measure against re-growths. Depending on where the keloid was, compression therapy or silicone sheeting might be used as well to achieve the same goal.

The best keloid option that you can try on your own is purchasing a reputable silicone scar cream or gel to apply to your keloid as early as possible. Topical scar products that contain silicone can often be as beneficial as the silicone sheeting recommended by doctors. Both silicone products are available via online, but topical silicone creams and gels are a better option when you have a very visible keloid scar that you can’t hide with clothing or is in an odd place that you can’t really get sheeting onto; like an earlobe, which is one of the most common sites where keloids occur.

Keloid scar products that contain 100% silicone ingredients are what you want to be on the lookout for when making a purchase, not just any old scar formula. Real results can be seen fairly soon if you buy a good topical cream and apply it diligently and multiple times a day for a few weeks.