Can I reduce the look of stretch marks with a lotion?

Stretch marks are considered a form of scarring. These marks can vary in color. When they first form they can be red, pink and even purple in color. As they begin to age they may turn white or silver in color.

The color of your stretch marks can also determine the age of them. Stretch marks that fade to a white silver color may be older than six months. Anything that is red, purple or pink in color is newly developed. New stretch marks are often easier to address compared to old ones.

Stretch marks can form when the body grows. Any type of growth, such as pregnancy, puberty and bodybuilding can make the skin stretch. As collagen and elastin is disrupted (See here), these marks will form. There are products on the market that can help with stretch marks, also known as striae.

Are you looking to reduce the appearance of stretch marks? Are you wondering if lotions are the best options out there? Lotions can lather on the skin and make it feel moisturized. Some lotions retail for affordable costs, but they often use ingredients that have no clinical studies associated with them. That is why lotions may not be the best choice. To see some of the top choices on the market, please refer to

Stretch marks are often unsightly looking and most people do not want to see them when they look at their self. Other people dislike when strangers or people they know notice these marks. That is why alternative topical approaches can be used.

Stretch mark creams are highly effective options that can also reduce the look of unsightly stretch marks. Some stretch mark creams contain ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Products that contain these ingredients are suggested for use.

Qualities of ingredients are not the only important factor that determines which stretch mark creams are the top options on the market. Products that are also marketed to improve radiance, tone and clarity are suggested for use. Products that have been marketed to improve the firmness, tightness, and elasticity of the skin are recommended for use.