Top options for treating your keloids

Keloid scars can result from the over-the-top inflammation that may happen after any type of piercing, surgical incision, or other various skin punctures and traumas. An overgrowth of collagen and fibrous protein forms and even extends beyond the original wound site. The keloid is grossly discolored and can burn and itch causing much discomfort so anyone who gets them is likely to seek immediate professional care.

The top options for treating your keloids at the doctor’s office are surgery, steroid injection treatment, or topical silicone sheeting. Any candidates for surgical keloid treatment need to have realistic expectations as this type of keloid removal is invasive and involves another puncture to the skin, therefore it can set off another keloid occurrence. Hence the vicious circle when dealing with keloid scars.

Many surgeons swear it’s still the best keloid treatment and that they have their ways to prevent recurrence, but there is no failsafe guarantee. Most of keloid removal surgeries or the best keloid treatments can be done in the office with a local anesthetic in less than an hour’s time. Recovery usually entails the patient’s choice of retail drugstore painkillers and suture removal after about a week or so. Some doctors go the extra mile and begin a series of steroid injections after the surgery as a preventative measure against re-growths. Depending on where the keloid was, compression therapy or silicone sheeting might be used as well to achieve the same goal.

The best keloid option that you can try on your own is purchasing a reputable silicone scar cream or gel to apply to your keloid as early as possible. Topical scar products that contain silicone can often be as beneficial as the silicone sheeting recommended by doctors. Both silicone products are available via online, but topical silicone creams and gels are a better option when you have a very visible keloid scar that you can’t hide with clothing or is in an odd place that you can’t really get sheeting onto; like an earlobe, which is one of the most common sites where keloids occur.

Keloid scar products that contain 100% silicone ingredients are what you want to be on the lookout for when making a purchase, not just any old scar formula. Real results can be seen fairly soon if you buy a good topical cream and apply it diligently and multiple times a day for a few weeks.


Effectively Remove Your Stretch marks

There are numerous ways of scarring up your skin, but did you know that stretch marks are scars as well? They are scars within the top layers of your skin, and nearly 80% of the women worldwide have stretch marks. All bets say that not one of you ladies would turn down a solution of how to effectively remove your stretch marks, but what is that solution? Stretch mark removal cream? Laser surgery? Dermabrasion? How about chemical peels?

First let’s get your feet firmly grounded in reality with a scientific fact: there is no stretch mark removal cream or medical procedures that can solidly get rid of a stretch mark off your body entirely. So be on the lookout for those companies advertising their product as a stretch mark removal cream or treatment. That said, a good stretch mark cream or medical procedure can do a lot to reduce the way your stretch marks appear, making some of them nearly invisible to the eye, so bits of the stretch marks can possibly be visually removed from sight to some degree.

Every one of you is very different and you react differently to treatments or prescriptions, and when it comes to managing the look of stretch marks, the same path may not be for everyone to take. Some women get stretch marks during a pregnancy, and afterwards they may fade to barely visible on their own, whereas other women look like they have a zombie abdomen, the discoloration is that bad.

Many believe that stretch marks are hereditary so if you have the option to investigate your family medical history on that end, do! It’s important because let’s say you want to get pregnant and know your mother and her mother both had horrendous stretch marks. You can start making sure you drink tons of water to keep your skin hydrated on the inside and moisturizing on outside. Many women begin using a stretch mark cream even before they get pregnant and swear that when they didn’t they had bad stretch marks, but when they did use a topical cream product from the get go, they barely had any, and the ones that did appear didn’t look as severe.

For some folks, topical stretch mark products may not work as well and they can try laser therapy, which is the most popular procedure used by plastic surgeon’s to keep stretch marks looking better. It’s more expensive and painful than a topical cream, but many people get good results.


The Causes and Treatments for Cellulite

Cellulite will more than likely invade over 90 per cent of all women regardless of weight or size sometime in their life. The causes and treatments for cellulite are some of the top searches on the Internet amongst women over 25 years of age.

ellulite is considered hereditary but there are varying conditions in which cellulite thrives. Cellulite sets up house in the areas of the body that receive the least amount of circulation, so lazing about without any forms of exercise is basically a handwritten invite for cellulite to move in. Tight clothing is one of the more surprising contributors to the lumpy bumpy skin movement as well, so maybe you might want to loosen up those skinny jeans a tad, at least to the point that when you remove them, you don’t see the seams imprinted on your thighs like they are posing for a selfie with your cellulite.

Obviously diet can be a factor in how much orange peel your are going to sport, so it’s important to be a little sensible when eating. You don’t have to give up everything, but try incorporating a few things like five servings of fruit and vegetables a day along with 8 glasses of water for hydrating and flushing out your skin.

The best cellulite treatments are subjective. Doctors who want your business and hundred of dollars (none of their treatments are less than $100) so they dismiss a lot of cellulite treatments you may find as an effective way to address the look of cellulite. If you sift through a lot of the chatter on the Internet amongst real consumers regarding the best cellulite treatments, a good load of them find that a good cellulite cream works just fine for them. Cellulite cream products are preferred over any other cellulite treatment because they are gentle and painless, practical, and you can massage it onto yourself privately while you watch your favorite TV show at home instead of being poked and prodded by snooty strangers at some spa.

People that are new to cellulite will be more likely to try a topical cellulite product, especially if they have minimally affected areas. These creams can really do a bang up job of reducing the look of your cellulite and if you shop smart you can find a good one at a reasonable rate. Now they only work temporarily (as does every cellulite treatment), so you have to keep using them forever and ever if you like what they do, but it’s not a bad deal when you are probably looking at spending only $30 a month or less, depending on which product suits you.